What’s Happening at Gospel? (March 25)

Announcements from 3/25/18:

  • Communion—On March 30th, we’ll celebrate Good Friday with a communion service at 7p. Our communion services involve the taking of the bread and the cup, footwashing, and a love feast. Participants are encouraged to bring a dessert for the love feast portion.
  • Community Groups— The best way to get to know others at Gospel Community is our Community Groups. Speak with Chris or Courtney Harshbarger for more information.
  • Two Women’s Conference Opportunities—Women’s Ministry will be attending 2 conferences in 2018; The Gospel Coalition Conference (June 14-16 in Indianapolis) and True Woman ’18 (Sept. 27-29, also in Indianapolis). More info can be found at thegospelcoalition.org & reviveourhearts.com/events/true-woman-18. Contact Margaret Yost for more info.
  • Study Resources Available—GCC is starting a resource library for any interested. Recently, we were given a hard drive full of John MacArthur sermons available to you. Please see Jason for more details.
  • Youth Schedules—We have made a schedule of youth events that is available on the back table. Be sure to grab one and mark the dates on your home calendar.


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