What’s Happening at Gospel? (August 19)

Announcements from our bulletin on August 19;

  • Building Update—Things are moving forward with our purchase of a property at 1102 S Market St. Right now, we are moving towards a contract and doing some preliminary work before purchase.
  • Donut Jam— Gospel Community will help host kid’s games at the Donut Jam on Prouty plaza this Friday, August 24 @ 4p. We need volunteers to help set up, tear down, and oversee kid’s activities. Ask Chris or Courtney for more info.
  • Men’s Meeting—Men, join us on Saturday, August 25 at 7a for a light breakfast and discussion around Colossians 1:21-29.
  • Communion—Join us for Communion on Sunday, August 26 at 7p. If you can, bring a dessert to share afterwards.
  • Ladies’ Bible Study—Ladies’ Bible Study begins September 10 & 11 (Monday evenings & Tuesday mornings). Join us as we dig into an 8-week study of Acts 1-12. Sign-up on the back table. Ask Margaret Yost for more info.
  • Community Groups—Community groups are back! Groups will meet weekly on Sunday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Sign up sheets are at the back table, including host names and addresses. Ask Chris or Courtney Harshbarger for more info.
  • Outreach Opportunities—Here are some ways you can be involved in outreach with our local church this summer.
    • Backyard BBQ—Host a barbecue with your friends, neighbors, and family. Ask Jason for more info or see the booklet on the back table.
  • Olivia Kaufman Membership—As we’ve said before, we’re still cleaning up our communication of new members. As we continue to announce our 2017 additions, Olivia joined with us early last year. We’re thankful to God for her presence with us.
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