Announcements For Dec. 4

  • Work Day—We plan to host another workday Saturday December 10 from 9a-5p. Please bring paint supplies; brushes, ladders, rollers, etc. All are welcome to come help!
  • Membership Class—We’ll be providing a membership class for those interested in joining Gospel Community February 12, 19, and 26 from 7-9p at Gospel Community Church. If interested, please sign up at the help Desk. (*note: dates changed to match Sunday evening schedule)
  • Core Team Training—we’ll have our last training on Dec. 18 (also at 12:00p)
  • Communion Service—We will be hosting our first Communion Service on January 22 at 7p. All who claim Jesus for the forgiveness of sins and are in good standing with their local church are welcome to attend.

Please don’t forget to invite your friends, neighbors and co-workers to our launch on January 1 at 10a.

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