January Update

Hear about what God has done at Gospel Community in the month of January


Looking to get plugged in at Gospel Community?

So, we’ve now had three weeks of public services at Gospel Community Church. Naturally, you might be asking, how do we get to know people around here? Lets highlight a few ways for newcomers to get plugged in:

  1. Community Groups— Did you know that we have 3 Community Groups already running in Troy/Covington? These groups meet to pray, study the passage in Luke we’re preaching that Sunday, and get to know one another. Gospel Community is designed for this to be an integral part of our growth. If you want to get involved in a Community Group, please email us or call at 937-335-4323.
  2. New Members Class— The best way to get to know Gospel is to come to our new members’ class. the name can be a bit deceiving; this class is designed to help you determine if you want to continue at Gospel Community. We spend three weeks talking about what the church is supposed to be, how we are to engage others with the hope we find in Jesus, and what makes Gospel Community tick. You can sign up here or again, call 937-335-4323.
  3. Ladies’ Study— the women of our church will be studying Jen Wilkins’ book None Like Him starting February 10 at 7p. Call the church to sign up (937-335-4323)